Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's Like a Gauntlet of Sadness...Get Over It.

I started writing a post about the blow to my self-esteem that tests bring, and the tribulations of studying the same material and finding more wrong answers than right, and then I realized, despite my test this morning, and the one coming up tomorrow, I'm actually having a good day. Let's work with that.

It started this morning when Megan (The Oatmeal Diaries) posted about applesauce in her oatmeal. Now, I love applesauce and nut butters on my waffles and pancakes, but I've never tried it in my oats. This isn't the first time Megan's inspired my breakfast (Carrot Cake Pancakes anyone?) and it was just as delicious.

In the mix: 1/2 cup oats, 2 oz. soymilk, 5 oz. water, 3 g flax meal, 1 tbsp maple syrup and 1/4 cup applesauce with a 1/2 tbsp peanut butter dolloped on top. The unfortunate side effect of Daylight Savings Time + my early breakfasts is that there's really not enough light at 7:30 am for a decent picture (at least through the window there); oh well, summer is coming.

Then THE TEST. We don't really have to talk about it. 

Post-test I went for a 5 mile run. I'd sort of planned to skip and rest my foot today, but I was just feeling some good cardio. It was weird to run at 10:30 instead of my usual 5:15 am-ish. I definitely prefer the early morning, but it was still good. 

What was I craving when I got back?

Well, what do you get when you combine peanut flour and berries (and yogurt/soymilk) in a magic bullet?

A PBJ Smoothie! Done SIAWG style, because I love that. I ate it with a spoon though because I tossed in about 7 g (1 tsp) xanthan gum and it got deliciously thick. That's a maple syrup drizzle on top. 

For lunch I had some languishing veggies in the fridge, so I made a little chickpea toss:

Chickpeas, red bell pepper, yellow squash, lemon juice, balsamic, olive oil, parsley, paprika and oregano. 

Friends came over and we watched the Bachelor Finale (finally - we've been waiting until we were at least 2/3 done with tests). I cried during the proposal. I'm such a sucker. 

Also, since we watched the whole finale and the After the Rose episode, that made 3 hours in a row. 

Did you know Hulu will CALL YOU OUT? After the last episode, up popped this message that said, 
"Need a break? You've watched 3 hours of Hulu today." 

Well, we checked the box that said "never show this again" and moved on. 

I don't want your guilt trip Hulu, I just want to watch my shows. 

Post-afternoon-enjoying/wasting I went on a quick run to the grocery store. I made an impulse purchase.

Cameo Apple. You know you're vegan when your impulse grocery buy is produce. 

I'm sure at some point in my youth I've eaten these, but I couldn't particularly remember what they were like so I wanted to give it a try. I really liked how sweet it was, though it's a little on the mealy side, say compared to a Fuji. Nowhere near a Red Delicious though. Does anybody like those? blech. Anyway, $0.39 well spent.

Now it's about time to make some dinner. I love cooking time. I'm trying a new recipe from Veganomicon tonight and I just have that tingly feeling that it's going to be delicious. 


unbeautiful said...

The food looks delicious! I'm a little hesistant about applesauce on oatmeal though. But who knows, maybe I would like it?
That's funny about Hulu. Made me giggle a bit.
Good luck on the rest of your tests.
Oh and I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. Check out this post for details.

Megan D said...

So glad you tried the applesauce thing! So tasty, right?! And I can't wait to see what you make from Veganomicon- that cookbook never steers me wrong!

GraceyJ said...

the food looks real good!

Anonymous said...

That looks amazing. Part of me freaks out about the apple sauce in the oatmeal (I have an issue with foods/flavours mixing) but the other part thinks that maybe apple in oats makes sense. Do you use a pre-made apple sauce or do you have a recipe. I have one but there is way too much sugar and butter in it for me to feel good about eating it!!
PS Hope the tests are going ok.

Mich said...

That pbj smoothie thing look epic.

Have you ever put jam or jelly in your oatmeal? I put this blackberry jam in mine, just a small spoonful:



Anonymous said...

haha I actually love cameo apples. if you get the ones that weigh less for their size the texture is way better, super crisp instead of mealy. also if the coloration is darker red and gold, avoid the apples with any hint of green. :)


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