Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Does Stiletto Walking Count as a Workout?

...because that's all I fit in today. Walking up and down across the medical campus. In 83 degree heat, that counts right? Apparently summer has come to us here in Southern California.

I really wish I actually needed a new pair of heels...I always look at lovely ones and think, "Someday when I have far fewer loans and an actual income."

Sometimes it feels like that day will never come. 

It's been a busy few days and it doesn't really feel like Wednesday.

Yesterday in clinic I actually heard a heart murmur that sounded exactly like the recordings we learned from in lecture - it was awesome. As second years, we only go to clinic about 8 afternoons over the whole year, and I always sort of dread it before I get there because it's an afternoon I lose and can't study, but I have to remember - clinic is the best studying possible. Actual patients - that's the goal isn't it? Sometimes the imminence of Boards really tries to beat that out of me, but it's true, it's what I'm working towards. 

It's Spring Quarter now, and as we're second years and taking Boards in a couple months, there's a major perk of Spring - no class on Fridays.

Technically, this just gives us more time to study, which I appreciate, but it also makes my weekends a little more flexible, since they're all 3 days long from here on out...

So that means that to me, it's basically Thursday, and my school week's almost done. This weekend I'm driving up the coast with Boyfriend for a wedding, so there are things to look forward to. 

Food this week has been basically leftovers all around, but that means I've been a very productive student, and I love leftovers, so that's all right. 

Yogurt bowls. 

Leftover enchiladas.

Leftover peanut butter tofu spinach salads. 

Leftover cashew carrot ginger soup. 

Forgive all these dark dark pictures.

Tomorrow's already the last day of March. Know what that means? It's almost April. And it's going to keep getting hotter...the forecast says 93 tomorrow. This is insane. I'm not ready for summer. 


Mich said...

Where the heck did you find the peanut flour for the tofu? I have searched, and people just look at me like I'm challenged when I ask.


Abby said...

I am SO happy I stumbled upon your blog! It is awesome, I love that you are a vegan and I so admire your reasons for choosing that diet. I'm a pescatarian and I hope one day to be completely vegan as well. Your recipes are certainly inspiring me to head in that direction (I plan on making those enchiladas soon!) Anyways, I'm happy to be your newest follower. Here's my blog if you'd like to check it out
If you enjoy it, I'd love if you follow back ;)
xo, Abby

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