Saturday, March 19, 2011

Did you know? It's Spring Break!

Winter finals are done and so begins the last spring break of my life.

Next year I'll be in clinicals like a real doctor, getting only 2 weeks vacation over the whole year (like all you people who live in the real world) but for one final year I'm still basically a highschooler with a stethoscope, and I get a spring break. Unfortunately I have no exciting travel plans and I will spend a chunk of it studying, but for now boyfriend's here and we're going to have a fun weekend.

This morning started with some His and Hers steel-cut oats. Banana and brown sugar for him, applesauce, cinnamon and maple for me.

For second breakfast I fed boyfriend some cookies I made yesterday. I intended to make Oatmeal Raisin, but when I got to the raisin-adding stage, what I thought was a bag of raisins in my pantry turned out to be craisins, which I thought wouldn't be so good, so instead I chopped up an apple. I want to play with the recipe a smidge and see if I can get them just a little less fragile before I post it. but the consensus is that they taste like apple pie. I took them over to a friend's house and we had a great post-test party. There were about 8 of us. I made 34 cookies; there are 3 left. I also made some macaroons [recipe] with my leftover coconut from Katie's birthday.

I'm not sure what the day will bring, but it feels lovely to finally relax. 

Do you get a spring break? What are you doing?


unbeautiful said...

Yay for spring break! I had mine last week. I go back to school on Monday. :( Oh well. I hope you enjoy yours. :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on finishing you exams. It feels brilliant when they are all over. Well done on managing to sound sane throughout them!! Make sure you make good use of your last spring break. I can't believe you will only get 2 weeks holiday quar. Is that normal?

Christina said...

ooooh these cookies look so darn good!

Mich said...

Those look so yummy!!! You're always posting such good foods and I save the photos and your blog entries so I can make them, and then I always forget....
I would love a spring break. Or any kind of break, really.

Megan D said...

Happy spring break! Macaroons sound like an excellent way to start it off.
Thank you so much for your last comment on my blog, it really does help to hear about others who have been through the same thing! :)

Kelsey said...

yay spring break! enjoy it :)

the picture on my blog is at the maroon bells in aspen, co. it is, hands down, one of the most beautiful places in the world. come to colorado and we'll go there :)

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