Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's Official. I'm Like a Grown-up.


It's not the living away from my parent's house. It's not filing my own taxes or loan applications or my own car or the medical school thing.

No, it's because I, for the first time since high school, own an actual bed. I want to be clear, it's not like my family's just left me out in the cold on this, I've been quite content on a memory foam mattress topper. But a couple weeks ago, I just woke up (on the floor) and thought, "The time has come. I'm buying a bed."

Yesterday boyfriend woke up bright and early to drive down from Santa Barbara and after a stop at my house, we were at Ikea by 10:30 am. Since it opens at 10, we got a great parking spot.

We took our time going through the store, stating opinions on light vs. dark wood, lantern-style lamps (I prefer sconces) etc., but spent extra time in the area of beds. (And desks, for boyfriend.) After some serious furniture-wrangling challenges (they really don't make those carts big enough for mattresses), we were rather exhausted. And that was just getting it to the parking lot. After some brilliant wrangling, we got it all in the truck. Time for a nap.

Okay, no nap yet. By this time it was 1 pm. Initial hunger+angriness had come and gone but it was definitely time for some lunch. We were in Covina, CA (the nearest Ikea) so with the help of Yelp! I had found a nearby restaurant with lots of options the previous day: One World Vegetarian Cuisine

With everything on the menu from various asian-style dishes to pastas to veggie burgers, I was seriously impressed. And everything is vegan. 

To start: Summer Rolls with Peanut Sauce. They were a bit non-traditional in that the filling was warm with seitan and jicama, but really delicious. 

Love it when he takes pictures while I'm chewing. 

For me: Yin and Yang Serendipity (sweet and sour crispy chicken). Boyfriend said this was the best fake meat he'd ever had. I have to agree. Stunner. 

For him: Chick-un Fried Rice.

After that lovely meal, we drove back, got through the worst of it (wrangling that furniture up the stairs) and then it was time to build a bed. And so, remember this?



That's my desk out in the loft (the brown one). But I mostly study at school. 

It's a queen, in a very small room, but there's still room for my yoga mat, so I'm good. And now I can look out my window in the morning without standing up. The best part? I went for the nice foam mattress. I can't even describe how well I slept last night. Or how early. I think I was asleep at 7:30. It may be dangerous to hang out on this bed. 

Good thing I slept well though, because this morning boyfriend and I had a 10 mile training run. Unfortunately I think I twisted my foot running on the slanted road shoulder on Friday, and it was really hurting today. Still, I made it through. After the run, an excellent breakfast of Berry Maple Overnight Oats in a Jar:
flax meal + yogurt + oats + almond milk + frozen berries + maple syrup + peanut butter scraps:

And a big mug of tea. 

Now it's time to get some studying going (next tests are only 1.5 weeks away!), and maybe make a meal for the week. I hope you've had great weekends so far. 

And to my runner/medical readers: what should I do for a mildly twisted foot?


Kelsey said...

when you're not running, ice and elevate as much as possible. 20 minutes ice, 40 minutes off, etc. and elevate up above your heart.

also, congrats on your bed :)

Toni said...

I love love love Ikea! I can spend hours and a small fortune in that store! :)

Katie said...

You got a bed! You're such a grown-up and I'm so proud of you!!

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