Monday, March 14, 2011

To the Inconsiderate

An alternative title to this post could be: "Well at least I'm not ranting at anyone in real life."

Since I'm so very awake this morning, up with my alarm at 5, which felt like 4, I have time for a quick post before I go into the school to study. I'm a morning person, but tests make me uncharacteristically aggressive. Here's some highlights from yesterday:

1. To the guy who asked me for money outside the lecture hall: security's going to kick you out of here fast. I wish I could have helped, but at the same time, I don't buy your story at all. And you didn't want my food, which obviously makes you suspicious.

2. To the lady in the cute coat with way too many items for 7:30 am, paying by check: I just really wanted to overpay for some sparkling water, does it have to take ages?

3. To the dental students: Get the heck out of our building. If you take your shoes off and put your feet on that table one more time I'm going to cut them off.

4. To the first years: We welcome you like little siblings, but do you have to make so much noise?

5. To the one particular first year aggressively pacing and talking to yourself: It's NOT OK. Take your crazy outside.

6. To all who use the community fridge: If you're not going to eat it, throw it away. Don't let it mold. I'm looking at you week-old indian food. Freaking slackers.

7. To those with fragrant fast food: Ok, maybe it's because I bring all my own food and I'm a healthy food snob, but how on earth is all that crap fueling your brain? I see you in your food coma. You can't hide.

8. To the guy sound asleep sitting up with the noise-cancelling headphones: Doesn't your neck hurt?

9. To those of you taking up space and browsing ESPN: I heard something about March Madness, but you best not be taking up space where people could be studying. Rude.

10. To those of you who came from the gym: What is wrong with you? Take a shower.

11. To those of you who come in to start studying at 9 pm: I'm just so intrigued. Do you stay up all night?

12. To all of you: Thanks for reading. You're stars.


Kelsey said...

this is one of my favorite blog posts of all time. ever. really.

unbeautiful said...

This amused me...not that I'm making fun of your irriation but just the things that "inconsiderate" people do.

Bianca said...

This is great. I should make lists like this everyday. People annoy me all the time.

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