Friday, March 25, 2011

Freeway Yelp-ing and the Long Weekend.

All right, if talking on my cell phone while driving is bad/illegal/unsafe, I guarantee browsing Yelp at 75 miles per hour is a bad idea. However, yesterday afternoon as I was driving to Santa Barbara, I found myself in just that situation. 

I didn't leave home until about 11 am. I can't really explain why I got out so late - I just found myself in bed far later than usual. I guess one of my spring break mornings should be like that right? 

Anyway, it's a little over a 2 hour drive and I didn't eat breakfast because I just wasn't that hungry (this is an extreme rarity - it really was a weird morning), so around noon I was rather starving and too far away to eat in Santa Barbara. I typed vegan food and camarillo into Yelp on my iphone - carefully, and ended up finding a place called Thai and Chinese Food No. 3 right off the freeway in Oxnard. It was kind of divey, and packed, and I loved it. I got the tofu mixed vegetables. I didn't finish all the rice underneath, but I totally devoured the rest, with a side of studying. 

After this quick lunch, I made the rest of the way in great time. I spent some time visiting my undergrad chem department and the professors there and then picked up my lovely friend/college roomie Christina for dinner etc. We went to California Pasta. Unfortunately it's decidedly not very vegan-friendly, as the pasta contains egg. I ordered the greek salad, no cheese, but even the vinaigrette was kind of bland. I was rather underwhelmed.

Post-dinner we went to Jitters for coffee. It has a cozy upstairs and it was pretty cold and rainy out, so hot coffee was just perfect. 

Friday's activities have been pretty mild: walking, driving, a few TV shows. We went to Natural Cafe for lunch, surprise surprise. I got the Good Karma Burger with avocado and veganaise, and boyfriend went with the cup of Vegetarian Chili, which comes with cornbread. So perfectly healthfully satisfying. 

For now I'm pretending this weekend is going to last forever. I'm planning to see lots more friends and if I don't think past Sunday, I can just rest my brain for the madness to come. 

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Sonia said...

This is looking absolutely delightful. Very nicely made and presented. First time at ur space and quite a lot to learn...thnks !

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