Monday, October 10, 2011

Vegan MoFo 10: Lunch in a Flurry

Actually this is "Lunch in a Hurry" but I really wish there were also some snow flurries, so we can call this wishful post-titling.

This week I continue into my third week of my outpatient pediatrics rotation, during which I have the rare blessing of being able to go home for lunch. Often when I leave I don't exactly know what I'll be having for lunch, just that I have some food available and I can cook it when I get home.

John was visiting on Friday this week, so I called him when I left the clinic to see what he wanted. That was sort of a trick question because he's far too considerate to just name something without knowing what I might want, so when I mentioned I had vegetables and pasta, we agreed that would work. He put water on the stove before I even got home, and in 15 minutes we had whole grain penne with farmer's market vegetables and tomato sauce.

I topped mine with nutritional yeast, but that's one addition Fiance's not yet come around to. 

Favorite weekday quick meal?

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