Saturday, October 8, 2011

Vegan MoFo 8: Exercise Update

We're now gleefully a week into the Vegan Month of Food. At this point I feel like I've met some kindred spirits, been blown away by the years of commitment some of you can claim, and I've seen lots of new ideas.

I've also found all kinds of delicious things I've earmarked "Must Make Soon" and I've definitely eaten well this week. I thought I'd take today, since I didn't have another post planned, to recap the physical activity from the week, since it's just as important to our overall health as what we put in - and is the only thing keeping me from floating away with a midsection inner tube of my own creation.

Also I'm addicted to endorphins and get cranky if I neglect exercise. Sometimes I slack anyway, and I'm actually just picking back up again these past couple weeks, but if nothing else this post will remind me why exercise makes other things better.

Sat: Bike ride to the grocery store. ~10 mins. It was 85 degrees and I later had to go back but chose to drive. Sometimes the sweat and sunburn just aren't worth it.
Sun: 6 mile run, ~1 hour+.
Mon: 30 min DVD workout
Tues: 4 mile run, ~40 mins.
Wed: 3 mile run, ~30 mins.
Thurs: 1 mile swim, ~40 mins.
Fri: Admittedly, unplanned rest.

And today? Not so sure. Does cooking count as exercise?

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