Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Vegan MoFo 23: Birthday Week!

So on Thursday I turn 24. It's kind of an "eh, whatever," number, but I can always count on Katie and her love of birthdays to get me totally excited to celebrate. I was just planning to maybe go out to dinner, but this past weekend, my friends went all out for a celebratory experience.

It is an important component of this story to mention that Katie has a really hard time holding in surprises. It's not that she wants to tell - it's that she really can't lie. So this is impressive.

First they sent me off on a scavenger hunt around town - full of presents along the way. Unfortunately I kind of suck at that kind of thing and I missed a part of a clue where I needed to grab a badge to get into the hospital, so before my final clue sent me to the hospital, I came home to get it ... not realizing that there was active preparation for a surprise party going on. Oops. 

So a badge was flung out the door at me, Katie shouted "This never happened!" through the door, and I was on my way. After finding my last present (sparkly leg warmers heck yes!) I came back home. I pulled into the garage, gathered up my presents from the car, and went into the house.

I'll be honest, even though I had totally ruined it for myself, it was awesome to have everyone jump out from behind the couch and counter and shout "Surprise!" I've never had a surprise party in my life. 

Look at that committed decoration! It's staying up through Thursday. Our floor is still covered in balloons. I walk through and kick them every time. And love it. 

And for my candles? Katie made these Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting (from Peas and Thank You).

I hadn't made this recipe yet, and they're awesome. The Tofutti Cream Cheese does have a slightly different taste, but in combination with enough sugar in frosting form and the perfect carrot cake mix everyone in the group liked it. 

What finishes off a celebratory Saturday night like that? Karaoke. Obviously. 
"Don't Stop Believing" was the first selection, and we followed it up with "Baby Got Back." Yes I know all the words. It was on my running playlist for a long time, despite the fact that this baby does not have back. It's been the curse of my jeans-buying attempts for years. Everyone was a great sport, but we're third year medical students - so we still left at 10 pm. Wild.

Also I wore a tiara and Birthday Girl ribbon. 24? No. I am 6 years old. 

And finally ... guess what Mom and Dad bought me for my birthday?

GPS Trainer watch - yay! I usually like to wait to open my presents from family on the day of my birthday, but I didn't realize it was my present until it was too late. I can't say I'm sorry though because I've already gotten to use it twice.

Ready to go with this and my RoadID.

First run - 7 miles at 10:38 mile pace. Not exactly swift, but that's okay - I don't think I've run that far since April. I'm proud to have finished it. 

If this has been the week so far, what on earth will my actual birthday bring? I get to see Fiance John for the first time in 2 weeks, so I'm pretty sure it'll be great no matter what. 

What's your favorite-ever birthday celebration?

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