Sunday, October 2, 2011

Vegan MoFo 2: Veggie Grill Review

Happy second day of October, and more importantly the Vegan Month of Food. 

Fiance John lives in Irvine where he's working on his Masters of Engineering, and one of the perks of visiting him there, besides the obvious fact that I like him, is that eating out for vegan food in Irvine is a lot more diverse. Here it's pretty much Mexican (ordered without lard-laden beans, chicken-stock rice, cheese or sour cream) or Thai. 

In Irvine not only is there a nearby Whole Foods, Mother's Market and other health food stores, but there's a raw restaurant, 118 Degrees, though I haven't been there yet, Veggie Grill and Native Foods, both of which are all-vegan. 

Recently we went to Veggie Grill twice in two days, and it was great. Grilled chicken wrap and Tuscan chicken soup on day one. 

Tempeh Burger and Quinoa Pasta Mac & Cheese on the second day. It is in fact good enough to go that often. 

Vegan eating out: have a favorite?

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