Thursday, October 20, 2011

Vegan MoFo 19: Pediatrics Ending and Cookies

Thanks all of you so much for your encouragement after my rather upset post yesterday. I only cried twice today, not in front of people, and no blood. Baby steps. Unfortunately the saga isn't over. My attending was out sick today, so I arranged to get my evaluation from someone else, but also paged to ask her if there would be an opportunity for us to meet, and haven't received a response. I feel a little less anxious about that I guess, but I still feel it's appropriate to put some closure on the rotation, so I'll give her a week and then just send a note. I hope she feels better but I wish she'd been there - I wanted to put my disaster behind me as soon as possible.

If you missed it, you can go back to yesterday's post for the story of my failures perceived failures? insecurities? ranting? and bloody nose. Attractive.

Today I had a standardized exam where I had to take a history for a sick kid over the phone, decide the appropriate management and "prescribe" the correct medication by talking to a fake "parent." In most rotations we have actual actors and do a physical exam as well, but you can't do that with kids - labor laws and stuff - so we just do the standard one by phone. I didn't really think it was hard but I feel like I forgot something and it's bothering me that I can't figure out what. 

For assessment of how we do with actual patients, we go to the teaching clinic and get evaluated on an interaction with a real patient and family - I did that one a couple weeks ago. 

All this to say, our 8 week pediatrics rotation ends tomorrow, with a big final exam. I don't really feel ready, but I have worked hard and I don't expect to leave feeling I did well, but I do hope I'm prepared to pass. 

And if not, I may go buy a vegan cookie the size of my head.

Or two. Just kidding - I'm working on not being such an emotional eater. [Read that post here.

How do you cope with a difficult day? I need some more healthy ideas.

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