Thursday, October 27, 2011

Vegan MoFo 25: It's My Birthday!

So today I'm 24. A huge thanks to all my friends and family for the birthday wishes/fun/embarrassing songs. It wouldn't be complete without you.

I started the day off as one should on a birthday - with pumpkin pie. Okay, pumpkin pie overnight oats.

We started a tradition in our house (it actually started on my birthday, thanks to Katie) a couple years ago of birthday signs that you get to wake up to on the morning of your birthday. Here are some highlights:

A note from the animals of the world. I am their favorite vegan apparently. I'm sure that's a temporary designation for my birthday, but I'll take it.

This is a party rock, because I am a party rocker.

I am also sunshine. 

And a note from my future patients - oh the children I will save. 

I spent a few hours at my rotation, then Fiance John surprised me by arriving early. Where to go? It's October 27 - the Pumpkin Patch!

Following a browsing of the place we picked a couple small pumpkins that I'll eventually eat. Maybe another slow cooker recipe? We also saw an outrageous number of kids having an awesome time.

And apparently they have a problem with pumpkin-sitting children. Don't do it. 

For dinner I was blessed to have lots of my friends come together and we went out to Eureka Burger. 

Their Loma Linda Veggie Burger is made with beets, so it looks bright pink like a rare burger - but it's totally vegan as long as you get it without the bun. Side of sweet potato fries. 

Thanks again everyone, you're the best!

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