Friday, October 14, 2011

Vegan MoFo 14: Fitness Friday #2

Technically last week's Fitness Update was on Saturday, but I like alliteration. Don't lie, so do you.

We're almost halfway done with Month of Food. What? It's the middle of October. Have I been asleep? It's flying by, but I guess if I look at it, it has been a full couple weeks.

So what's my favorite exercise this week?

Here's some hints. The signs are all around.

There's a suit hanging from the shower rod in my bathroom (and dripping not so gracefully on the bathmat.)

My fingertips smell like chlorine despite serious scrubbing.

There's little residual circular marks around my eyes.

My hair really needs some close watching to keep the frazzle under control.

Yes, it's true, I'm back in the pool. I used to swim for exercise in college regularly, and I was on a competitive team as a kid, but I haven't gone much since starting medical school - it takes longer when I have to drive somewhere, but this week I decided it was worth it.

Unfortunately, on the same day I popped a tire, I left my goggles poolside. Fortunately, they were ancient and difficult to see out of - so I replaced them with some pretty ones. They're Speedo women's - so far I really like them. I also bought some TYR brand, I'll let you know my thoughts once I try them.

Also a swim cap. I have no idea where mine went but I haven't seen it in at least 2 years. Must do SOMETHING or the hair will get outrageous. In college there was a semester when it turned green. But I was blonde, so hopefully we're safe now. 

Pool. Ready.

In summary - The Week's Workouts 

Sun - rest
Mon - 4 mile run
Tues - 3 mile run
Wed - 1 mile swim
Thurs - 1 mile swim
Fri - 4 mile run
Sat - still to come, probably shopping - does that count?

Ok seriously, how do I get the chlorine smell completely out of my hands?

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