Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vegan MoFo 12: WIAW and Tire Disasters

It's the Vegan Month of Food/WIAW crossover #2. Technically I'm talking about Tuesday in case the tense is confusing. I've written this last night, then posted it this morning. You're smart, you'll figure it out. 

My day started fine with a 4 mile run, a few clinic patients, a study lunch, more patients and before I knew it time to go home. I thought it was going to be a quiet evening. Maybe I'd get my learn on. 

Unfortunately just a few yards down the road my car began the most horrible rattling. Flat tire - no question. I was correct. I pulled into a gas station and AAA came and put on my spare, because my tire was completely flat from the enormous hole I put in it when I hit a curb this morning. Awesome. 

Three HOURS later at Pep Boys, after learning that all my tires were in bad shape, including a nail in one of the front ones, I had spent more on tires than my month's rent, not had a chance to study (or eat dinner) and my bedtime was fast approaching. And that is why my dinner's kind of odd. 

Breakfast: Yogurt bowl. Vanilla soy yogurt, muesli from the bulk bins, fresh strawberries and 1/2 banana.

Lunch: Leftover Potatoes and Chestnut-Squash (from Cooking Time Audit #2). Orange (unpictured).

Dinner: Salad. Banana. Glass of soymilk. I hadn't eaten since 12, and it was 9 pm, and I was past hungry and didn't really want anything. Originally I was going to stirfry tonight, but I just didn't want to anymore. I picked salad because I had lettuce that needed using. I actually think the soymilk tasted best of anything. 

No secrets - this is a recycled picture. My salad tonight was less diverse and eaten in the dark. But it was hummus-topped - Trader Joe's this time. 

Snack: I was unprepared today and had no snacks with me. I put back a box of mini Clif bars in my Target shopping this weekend, and now I wish I'd bought them and just put them in my car. I may go order some online right now. Online shopping is way too convenient. I love it. 

What's your strategy when you can't eat what you expected?

Ever gotten a flat tire from hitting a curb too hard? I feel like it shouldn't be that easy. 

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