Sunday, October 30, 2011

Vegan MoFo 27: 118 Degrees

Last night I went on a romantical (real word? Eh, I use it anyway) date with Fiance John to 118 Degrees - a vegan and raw restaurant in Costa Mesa. 

John was totally adventurous, but at one point he did say, "Hmm. This tastes ... raw." Which is true, but it was also delicious. 

We started with the Fried Avocado Mini-Tostados. I think this was actually my favorite part. It had seed-battered avocado over greens with a spicy pepita sauce, sundried-tomato pate and a dehydrated buckwheat cracker. 

For my entree I chose the Florentine Lasagna. Wow good.

John picked the Pesto Tortelleni. It was really nothing like tortellini, but still really good. I definitely ate about 3/4 of mine and 1/2 of his. 

Service was also great, with just the right amount of time with each course that we had time to talk and enjoy it. 

After 118 Degrees we walked over to nearby Native Foods for dessert. Every time I go I eye the desserts but I'm always too full from my meal. I picked the Peanut Butter Parfait, and it may be the best thing I've eaten in ages. Sort of like peanut butter pudding, plus nuts and chocolate, and just the right size so I wasn't overly full (plus I could share). It came with a free drink because we started a rewards card, so we tried the Watermelon Agua Fresca, which was good but a little too sweet. 

This meal really made me want to cook out of my raw food cookbook - Raw Food Basics. 

Any raw food recipe recs?

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