Sunday, October 23, 2011

Vegan MoFo 21: Completely Unrelated. Almost.

We're now 3 weeks into our Vegan Month of Food, and this weekend's been very busy. 

It was a blessing to be able to go wedding dress shopping with my friends. I didn't find the dress but I know more what I'm looking for now. 

I've been on an organizing bender which has my head feeling clearer, AND I had a very awesome surprise yesterday - it may have involved my birthday, which is technically coming up on Thursday.

So since this is a month of food here's a little glance at the organization undertaking - pantry-style. We all have one shelf, but mine was complete madness:


Can you believe that all fit on that one shelf? (Well, except the enormous fruit bowl obviously.)


So much better. And now I'm tackling my room. There are items in here I haven't seen since I moved in over two years ago. 

If you had to pick one disaster area of your house to organize, what would it be?

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