Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Vegan MoFo 17: Ah! My Fridge is Barren Lunch

This past Saturday Fiance John decided to have chips and non-vegan flavored guacamole for lunch. He may have also eaten cereal. Sometimes he eats like he's scrounging calories - like Jack Kerouac. He offered me some avocado, but I didn't have anything much to put with it and declined. Then I felt listless and uninspired for a bit. What to eat?

I opened up my fridge and found celery and broccoli. The pantry revealed a can of garbanzo beans. Hm.

Thai Peanut Beans and Veggies

A few minutes of chopping and frying later and I had a lunch. 

This is just a blend of 2/3 can rinsed garbanzos (I had used 1/2 cup in a previous recipe already), 4 celery stalks and a crown of broccoli with a half batch of Emily's Healthy Peanut Sauce. I started with the veggies for a couple minutes, added the garbanzos and then mixed it in with the peanut sauce until everything was nice and hot.  

It would probably be great with some chopped peanuts and lemongrass for a little authentic flavor, but this is an empty-pantry meal, so of course I didn't have either. 

Tell me your favorite my-cupboard's-empty meal. 

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